How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee, which is usually a percentage of the settlement
that they obtain for their clients.  This percentage is typically standard, but may vary depending on the
nature of the case and the resources the attorney may need to invest to win the case.

When a person is injured in an accident that is caused by the negligence of othesr, that person has the
legal right to compensation for the damages from the party at fault.  In most cases, an average person
does not know all the compensation they are entitled to and may not even seek medical and legal
consultations to adequately determine the seriousness of the injuries and other aspects of personal

Also, in serious accident and injury cases, individuals should seek legal counsel to determine if they have
a viable personal injury case.  Once a personal injury lawyer takes your case, the individual gains legal
representation to guide them through the process.  The client then agrees to give the attorney a percent
of the settlement that the attorney gets on their behalf.  It’s a win-win situation.  But is it always?

Not All Personal Injury Lawyers Are the Same.

It is important that people are careful when choosing a personal injury lawyer.  Not all of them are the
same.  Knowledge and experience in personal injury law is paramount to a successful case.  Some
attorneys are willing to settle for less to quickly recover damages from a case then move onto the next
one.  Others employ cookie cutter techniques that have various amounts of success and failures.  Many
times, it just becomes a numbers game.  Rick Molina and 713 Law Help are here to help clients from
the moment they sign up to well after they receive their settlement.  We are not afraid to work the case
all the way to a jury trial.  Personal injury law is what we focus on and it shows in the cases we have won
for our clients.

What Does A Lawyer Do to Earn a Contingency Fee?

When an injured person signs up with a personal injury lawyer, they get access to legal representation,
the knowledge and the expertise to fight the opposing insurance companies.  Personal Injury Lawyers
handle claims involving auto accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, work-related accidents
and much more. Personal Injury lawyers work on the case by:

  •  Investigating the accident to obtain witness statements, review police reports and any other
    available information to start forming the basis of their case.
  • Evaluating the case as it pertains to local and state statutes, standards and case law to make an
    evaluation of liability and comparative fault.
  • Investigate and document medical bills and expenses as well as other medical issues such as
    rehabilitation, long-term effects, quality of life, lost work or wages.  There are many things that
    get turned around when a serious accident results in serious injury.  A good personal injury
    attorney takes all that into account.
  • Personal injury lawyers will negotiate a settlement, if appropriate, on their client’s behalf usually
    with a liability insurance carrier working to come to an agreement without going to court.
    Usually this works in everyone best interest but does not always end in agreement.
  • Occasionally, a lawsuit must be filed and the litigation process starts. This signals the defendants and their insurance company that the lawyer and his client is serious about the case.

Rick Molina and the attorneys at (713) Law-Help are always ready for litigation.  At (713) Law-
Help, we are always preparing the case for trial.  The maximizes the client’s recovery.  We can
never be surprised if we always work hard at representing our clients and preparing for trial.

So Are Contingency Fees A Good Way to Retain an Attorney?

Most cases take a long time with lots of legal leg work.  Paying an attorney $100 to $500 per hour
depending on the lawyer is cost-prohibitive for most people.  The contingency fee structure makes it
easier to hire good lawyers because it’s a win-win situation.  No fees are collected up front and the
attorney gets paid from the settlement he obtains.  Under this scenario. the lawyer assumes the
financial risk of the case.  If there is no recovery, then the attorney does not get paid as well.

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