Things To Do After A Car Accident

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Things To Do After A Car Accident

Obviously, we never know when a personal injury accident may happen.  Unless, an accident is life-threatening, the below advice will be useful immediately after an accident.

1. Check your immediate surroundings.  It is best to move yourself and your car out of any traffic.  Many times, an initial accident may create other accidents in the vicinity.  If possible, move to a safe place.

2. Call 911.  If you are injured, dial 911 and request officer assistance.  These calls are usually recorded and can be used in court in appropriate circumstances.  If possible, speak clearly and mention any injuries that you can discern at the moment.

3. Exchange insurance information with the other driver.  This should be done in every case.  If the other driver is reluctant to exchange information, then police assistance may be necessary.

4. Identify witnesses.  This is the best time to obtain witness contact information.  Most witnesses want to help and will provide a short statement at the scene.  It is important to get the witness contact information because otherwise, they may never be found.

5. Do not engage with the other driver.  Aside from exchanging contact information and asking if they need medical attention, you should not discuss anything relating to the crash with the other driver.  You both may be upset, or you may unwittingly downplay fault or injuries.  The best way to avoid saying something that could hurt your case is to avoid questions about fault and your injuries.

6. Gather Evidence.  You can use a smartphone to take pictures of the scene and of the vehicles.  Importantly, be sure to photograph the license plates of the other vehicles.  Also, photograph your injuries such as bruises and cuts.

7. Seek Medical Help.  This may include going to the ER, family doctor, therapist, or chiropractor.

8. Contact a personal injury attorney.  It is not pleasant to deal with insurance companies.  The opposing insurance adjuster is not your friend.  Nor is the insurance adjuster looking out for your best interest.  The insurance adjuster is fighting for his or her employer, which is the opposing insurance company.  It is wise to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Molina Law Firm to guide you through this process. Call Rick Molina at 713 Law-Help, which is (713) 529-4357.


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