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Burn injuries are devastating and often long-lasting.  The major cause of a burn injury is usually a work accident, such as an explosion or refinery accident.  But burn injuries can also be caused by car accidents, or also a laser or medical procedures.


Burn Injuries are often classified into first, second, or third-degree burns.  First degree burns are the least serious burn injuries.  Third-degree burns are the most serious, which often involve the burn cutting deep into the skin tissue.   The most serious burns may involve permanent loss of sensation at the burn site and permanent loss of skin.  The medical expenses may involve doctors’ bills, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, pain killers, and lost wages.

Perhaps the greatest damages caused by burn injuries are non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages are damages that are not necessarily out-of-pocket damages, such as pain and suffering, physical impairments, disfigurement, loss of consortium of a spouse, and loss of companionship.  Non-economic damages are very real and measure our overall quality of life.  It is important to talk to a qualified lawyer that understands the true measure of damages in a burn injury accident.  Call today for a free evaluation of your burn injury case. Call Rick Molina at (713) LAW-HELP, which is (713) 529-4357 for your free burn injury case evaluation.

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