Injuries in Houston Personal Injury Cases

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Injuries in Houston Personal Injury Cases

In 2017, Harris County had over 70,000 car accidents.  In the State of Texas, a person is injured in a car accident about every two (2) minutes.  No doubt, car accidents injure many people.  These injuries are often serious or catastrophic, they can affect a person’s life in many ways.  Damages could include physical pain and stress, medical expenses, disfigurement, physical impairment, and loss of earning capacity (lost wages).
If you have incurred financial and emotional losses due to an injury that someone else caused, you may be eligible to seek compensation.  Call Rick Molina today, located in Houston, Texas at (713) LAW-HELP, which is (713) 529-4357.  More information can also be found at

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases?

Each case is different, but below are some of the most common injuries:

• Broken bones
• Medical Expenses
• Loss of Earning Capacity/Loss of Wages
• Neck Injuries
• Cuts and Bruises
• Burn injuries
• Brain injuries
• Spinal cord
• Back injuries
• Neck Injuries
• Pain and Suffering
• Internal bleeding
• Funeral Expenses
• Loss of Companionship in Death Cases

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

Regardless of the type of injury, you should work with an experienced personal injury attorney, who will advocate for you and defend your rights.  The legal process is often complicated and time consuming. Your attorney will guide you through this unfortunate time. During this difficult time, you need to focus on your health and recovery.  Call Rick Molina and the Molina Law Firm located in Houston, Texas, at 713 LAW-HELP, which is (713) 529-4357.

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