How to Minimize Trucking Accidents?

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Truck Accidents in Houston

In Houston and throughout Texas, large trucks are everywhere.  They are necessary for our economy.   However, truck accidents are dangerous, cause serious damages, and are often deadly.

Experts say that there are ways for both car and truck drivers here in Texas to avoid truck accidents.

Dos and don’ts for drivers of passenger vehicles

Car drivers may not realize just how dangerous some of the things they do while behind the wheel can be to themselves and others.   Drivers need to be aware of the following when driving near trucks:

  • Abruptly changing lanes
  • Moving to the right of a truck that is turning right
  • Failing to appropriately change speed when a truck is merging or changing lanes

Experts also advise against driving between large trucks, pulling into traffic in front of a truck without speeding up or passing a truck unsafely.

What truck drivers can do to prevent accidents

There are several precautions that truck drivers and their companies can utilize to avoid or minimize accidents. Comprehensive training that includes truck driving technique and potential safety threats can help truck drivers help themselves. Some companies have incentive programs that lead to unsafe driving habits, such as speeding or driving longer hours than experts advise. Poor scheduling can encourage these same unsafe driving practices.

There are several rules and regulations that govern the maintenance of the truck and the driving of the truck.

However, even with every possible precaution, you cannot guarantee that a truck driver will always operate his or her big rig in a safe manner. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a trucking accident, there are multiple legal options available that can help.

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