AccidentSpinal Cord Injuries


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Spinal cord injuries are quite common in Houston and in America in general.  In basic terms, spinal injuries occur when the spine is sprained, fractured, or broken.  These injuries are often painful and long-lasting.  Spine injuries affect your physical function.  Also, your spine contains millions of nerve endings that connect to your brain.  Consequently, damage to these spinal connections can also affect your cognitive functions.


Spinal injuries have many causes.  Spinal defects can be hereditary or be caused by other congenital issues.   Spinal defects can also be caused by trauma.   It is important to be treated by competent medical providers to determine the nature and extent of any spinal condition.  Spinal injuries caused by accidents fall into the following major categories:  car accidents, work accidents, falls, sport incidents, and assaults.

Spinal Cord Injury DAMAGES

Spinal Cord Damages are often serious and permanent. Injuries to the spine cause physical injuries and neurological injuries.  It is often necessary that victims incur physical therapy, cognitive evaluations, work rehabilitation, and psychological therapy.  These damages often last a life-time.   As you can see, spinal injuries cause many medical expenses in addition to lost wages.

Perhaps the greatest damages caused by spinal injuries are non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages are damages that are not necessarily out-of-pocket damages, such as pain and suffering, physical impairments, disfigurement, loss of consortium of a spouse, and loss of companionship.  Non-economic damages are very real and measure our overall quality of life.  It is important to talk to a qualified lawyer that understands the true measure of damages in a spinal injury accident.  Call today for a free evaluation of your spinal injury case.

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