Have you been seriously injured in a bus accident?

Buses are a convenient form of mass transit.  From local transportation by companies such as Metro to long distance bus lines such as Greyhound.  Accidents involving buses are common due to their size and the fact that Houston is undergoing a huge infrastructure renovation and it seems most freeways and many roads are under construction.  Buses typically run down these streets making many stops along the way.  This leads to many accidents and can cause significant injuries due to the nature of travel inside a public service bus.

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Houston Bus Accident Causes

  • Tired driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Unsafe driving like speeding or failure to yield right of way
  • Poor road conditions due to construction or weather

Damages in a Houston Bus Accident

Because of their size and weight, accidents buses can cause severe damage and injuries to the vehicle that was hit as well as the passengers in the bus itself. If you’ve been in an accident involving a bu, you may be able to pursue compensation for any of the following damages:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical bills related to the initial accident
  • Loss of limb
  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Property damage or loss
  • Mental anguish and emotional duress
  • Lost wages from time off of work
  • Loss of career or earning capacity

Wrongful Death Damages in a Houston Bus Accident

In the tragic event that you’ve lost a loved one in an accident involving a bus, you may be entitled to any of the following damages in a bu accident wrongful death claim:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased before they died
  • Loss of future income
  • Loss of future benefits (such as medical benefits and retirement)
  • Loss of household service the deceased provided (such as childcare, vehicle and property maintenance, chores, etc.)
  • Loss of love, affection, companionship, guidance, marital consortium, etc.

MetroRail Accidents

MetroRail Accident

Although not considered a bus, MetroRail is a form of mass transit on an established rail.  Accidents can and do occur on the MetroRail typically another vehicle that either hits the metrorail or that tries to cross the track and gets hit by the metrorail.  If you have been injured as someone operating a vehicle or as a passenger on the metrorail, speak to a licensed bus accident attorney to see if you have a claim to receive compensation for your injuries.  Many factors are taken into account when involved in a MetroRail accident and only a thorough investigation can determine fault.

What to do in case your involved in an accident while riding MetroRail?

There is a lot of confusion during a MetroRail accident.  Typically, a few MetroRail associates will show up and start taking statements and photos as well as EMS units to treat injured passengers.  It is imperative that you seek any medical attention you require at the time of the accident.  Your health and well-being are paramount.  Once the immediate medical issues are taken care of, it may be a good idea to contact a licensed personal injury attorney if you sustained serious injuries due to the accident.